still here in the trenches – AEDM week 3

I rounded out last week teaching a workshop at WNYBAC and making the travel arrangements for a workshop I am teaching in NYC this weekend – I love saying that – it still doesn’t quite feel real that I have been invited to teach there – or that people have signed up to actually take a class with me! Most of my creative time has been funneled into making samples and prepping materials – so really not much to share as far as pictures go. Instead I am going to leave you with this link to a great broadcast on BBC Radio 4 shared with me by Elena Thomas. And this- just so you have something to LOOK at!

plate 3 from my reduction lino print demo - don't judge!

plate 3 from my reduction lino print demo – don’t judge!

AEDM, wrapping up week 1.

I am staying with my youngest daughter for a few days while she has some tests and gets used to new medications. I brought a few things with me, mostly  teaching related, but I have been sneaking a little art in. A couple of collages in my art journal



Using only what’s on hand is a stretch, but good for me.
And more prep work on the womens work project. I am about two thirds of the way through securing the book block for binding. It has taken so long to get to this point that I am getting frustrated. I just want to get the fun part, the embroidered binding started! So close. Maybe another hours worth of sewing till I get to that point. Ah well.


I am trying to really embrace all the imperfections in this book, and no doubt it will be thoroughly overdone by the time I am through, but I am who I am, and this is what I am driven to make.
It really is the nature of my work, slow. Sometimes I wonder why the universe send me these long slow things, why I am so attracted to them.

AEDM 2 & 3

OK , so only day 4 and I am already behind, but only with the posting – I have actually been trying to get into the studio for a bit, despite mountains of essays that need marking and life in general. On day 2 I finished getting the lists ready for the “women’s work” book, 77 signatures of lists  – it was beginning to feel like a chore and I have been dragging my feet over finishing them. But now they are finally done – today I am going to start the binding – hopefully while I am doing that my mind will unravel the secret of what the covers will look like!



Yesterday I did make a little art of my own (well I printed the next plate of my reduction lino print demo) and I also had a chance to meet Monica Haller at the opening for the Veteran’s Book Project now on display at the Week’s Gallery. We had a really interesting conversation about artistic responsibility and the intersection of art and anthropology which I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s an interesting work, I hope some of you will follow the link and investigate the project. My eyes were also opened to the sad fact that a whole generation of American children have grown up in a country at war which I had never really considered. The experience gave me much to ponder – always the result of good art.

Today I am really hoping to get stuck into the binding for “women’s work”. Stay tuned for an update.

time flies

Where has the time gone? Well honestly a lot of it has been spent in doctors offices as our Youngest, and my father-in-law have been having some health issues. Things are starting to turn around slowly for them both, but “normal” life (whatever THAT looks like) has been a bit disrupted by it all. I have been working in the studio, but my lack of posts here has begun to weigh on my mind lately. Sharing my work on this blog helps me keep track of where I have been and get a glimpse of where I might be going. So as today I have an extra hour courtesy of daylight savings time, and November is AEDM it seemed like the universe was telling me to put my butt in gear and get back on track.

Yesterday I spent most of the day driving as I went to see the Youngest in a production of The Green Room at SUNY Brockport. That counts as art right?


In the studio I have been working on some commissions generated by my solo show and on some projects generated by playing with the materials I use for those commissions – like this sheet of Canson I embroidered for a memory book for a new mother and for a second book which is now available (along with others) at the Burchfield Penny’s Gallery Store.


a very girly book for a new mother

a very girly book for a new mother

I am still plugging along on some big projects, trying to wrap up the “women’s work” book and prep some samples for upcoming classes at WNYBAC and The Center for Book Arts in NYC. Maybe I’ll see some of you at a class. OK back to the studio – more posts tomorrow!