Hello world!

Everyone has a blog these days, so I thought I’d join in. So this will be a blog about balancing life and art and how things go into my head and come out as art (I hope!). It will be good to have a place to think out loud once in a while. So this is my latest work in a gallery looking really professional and I think pretty amazing! wallpapering utopia

What’s funny about living the life you dreamed of, is that you keep looking around for the person people are talking about (my friend the artist, my professor) and then realising it is finally you. Which is really weird, and kinda scary because what if they find out that inside you’re still just someone’s mum and someone else’s wife, and not who they think you are at all? Another artist said to me this week, we were talking about whether I should rent a studio space as the work I am making is too big for my space at home, that the last person to acknowledge what you have become is yourself, after your family that is, and since my family describes me as an artist to others I guess he was talking to me about me. I am hoping this blog will help me to become more myself, the art maker.


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