going between

This evening I was relaxing on the porch with a cup of coffee and my favorite escape, Patrica McKillip, when one of my daughter’s school friends happened by, which was a little surprising because she is going to school in Kentucky (obviously she’s on break and spending a few days at home). So we chatted a while and then she wanted to come inside and see my new work, and so in we went and then she asked me, how do you come up with this stuff, which is of course the question of the hour! How indeed? So I said, well i read a lot of stuff and I see things and they all go somewhere in my head and then just pop back out like this, I mean it’s really simple and complex all at once. And sometimes, like last night I dream about new work, often for many nights, weeks, months until I get it and then try and get it out here in the real world. So thinking about escaping from the wallpaper, or into the wallpaper, makes me think of moths, of little winged things impaled on pins in glass cabinets, or of them wiggling free of their cocoons, all drab and damp, before flying away, and I so wallpapering utopia was a first attempt at building a cocoon, a woman shaped, sized wallpaper chrysalis but now I am wondering where she has gone, and how will i envision utopia. When the dream clears the mist, I guess we will all know!


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