web & other stuff

So I am taking this web design class, because I want a web site and a) can’t afford to pay someone, and b) would be the persnickety client form hell if I could, and its going OK, I finally know enough to be a little dangerous and have started building my site. But today I hit a block, I want the index/home page to be very sparse, three images, a few words, and I have narrowed down one of the images, but now find myself with a dilemma, how do I pick one image that represents a very eclectic body of studio work, and what image should I use to link to my bio and other personal stuff. I had thought an image of me, but who wants to send viewers running screaming from the site before they even log in?! No but seriously is that a little too narcissistic? a picture of me… so then what? An an avatar or a symbol, wow that’s pretty damn pretentious… oh, HELP!


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