So today I finally checked off the last obligation to someone else that I foolishly agreed to help with, saying Yes without thinking and over stuffing my schedule with things I wanted to do but really didn’t always have time for… but today I framed the picture for the art auction & benefit in Cuba on Sunday and delivered the signs to the theatre for the show that opens tomorrow, and then I turned up the stereo and rocked out to Bowie on my way to teach class! Now I am really excited to start work on the art I’m installing downtown for the holidays, I have a huge space which means I can finally fill somewhere up with my crazy wallpaper and see if the whole concept will work, I know it will! I found this incredible book on Moths and I have started doodling some little images that might become a series of domestic reformers… wow its amazing how stress free my life is right now… if only I could learn to say NO every now and then I would get to feel this way more often… perhaps I’ll start by just saying maybe every now and again, and see how that feels!!


2 thoughts on “finally!!

  1. Hey, Deb… will you do me a favor?…

    (Just a test of your will!)

    P.S. I have a tray of moths under my desk at work that I keep forgetting to bring home.

  2. HA ha! Hey and I have this amazing moth book you have to see, lets at least have coffee this weekend… Glenn thinks I should always say maybe and then tell people No over the phone till I work up my courage to just say no!!

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