work and other real life stuff

This morning I went to work feeling really buoyant  having as I said yesterday finally accomplished my long list of obligations to other people, and then I had a conversation on the phone with this total jerk who treated me like a idiotic child and totally pissed me off. I hate paydays anyway because I really don’t make enough to make ends meet, and I’d like to meet at least half of my household expenses after all the investment I’ve made in myself, and because work around here seems so perilous I feel like we should have more in the bank in case of a rainy day etc. So getting my paltry paycheck is always a little depressing. Also I started reading the feminine mistake by Leslie Bennett who just totally reaffirmed that I need to get off my butt and get in a better financial position, so I am making a list of things I should do , not the least of which is give my daughter and all her friends a copy of this book before they find themselves similarly deluded. So enough self indulgence time to get a real job! Away to my list making I go…

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