drawing a week

So inspired by Jason Brockett’s industriousness I am going to try to post a drawing a week for the next year. My class this semester is really working well and pretty much under their own steam, they only occasionally want my advice and so I was bored in class Thursday night, nobody wanted my guidance so I started this drawing of an ear of corn, I bought it home and thought I would finish it, but our new kitten Molly decided to tear the ear apart so it remains in this sad state. I was pretty embarrassed by how rusty I was, so I thought I would do something about that… a drawing a day after the many painters seemed too much to expect, especially given how slowly I work on finished drawing, so I guess I’m going to try for one a week, anyway, here’s the first (rather sorry) ear of corn… more to follow!drawing #1

2 thoughts on “drawing a week

  1. Very cool,

    I should follow that example and make new art every week as well instead of essays. Imagine 52 or so new works at the end of the year along with your normal work! Slow and steady and the accumulation of good things will happen.


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