Well my dream of making one drawing a week got swallowed whole by the holidays and by the time I am spending trying to get my website up, I just can’t seem to find a format that is making me happy… such a big decision, how the whole world could potentially see one! But I haven’t been completely idle, I have sent out a couple of grant applications, and some show proposals, and I applied for a new job, but haven’t heard anything back which makes me think I’m not the right gal for the job. The new semester has begun and I am trying to drag a new group of students into the light. I spent a lot of time over break retooling my syllabus and handouts, and doing a lot of reading on teaching, just trying to really be a better teacher and guide, I am really trying to just keep up a steady momentum this year and hope that a little water and wind will wear away the rock.  And somehow I also started a new piece of work, which is not ready for prime time yet and really only meant to function as an adjunct to another piece, but hopefully that’s enough mystery to keep anyone out there who’s paying attention watching this space!! Going to bed, have a million errands to run in the am, library, shoe repair, bank etc… oh the joy!

3 thoughts on “resolutions

  1. Take heart – Al those tasks that don’t feel as “real” as making art have a place in this game. It’s when those tasks and the satisfaction that may come from them takes the place of the satisfaction of making art that a reevaluation might be needed. I often get too fat and happy with a good blog post and it satisfies my creative yearning – uhoh, until the blog makes me some money I need to be wary of that.

  2. I’m watching this space!… I have nothing comforting to say… except… Yeah… I know the feeling. I have lots of intentions and follow through on a few… It doesn’t matter. Love ya!

  3. Thanks for the kind words both of you. I needed them this week, I didn’t get the job, and I really wanted it, ah c’est la vie… but I find myself surprisingly caught up this weekend so I am going to the studio to work…

    And Jen, like Jason you are so super productive… how do you do it??

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