life, don’t talk to me about life… thanks marvin!

This has been a roller coaster week. Friday I had an existential melt down and decided to give up making art because sometimes my paycheck is just too depressing, I hate when all the bills are paid and I have to ask my hubby for grocery money because I can’t make ends meet on my crumby salary. I applied for a “real” job at a larger company on the spur of the moment, and low and behold now I have an interview for another job… and in the interim

Saturday night the art faculty got together for a pot luck dinner, we talked and ate and I realized, I can’t give up this teaching job, I love working with these people, it was a fantastic evening. We met in one of the faculty’s studio, he talked about his work in process, shared with us about his recent trip to Africa, it was a pretty perfect night, the kind of fellow feeling I went back to college looking for.

Sunday I caught up on Mum Stuff – laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, I even polished and dusted, worked in the garden a little, I felt really grounded and productive and I cleared the decks for Monday, when I got down to work on an idea I’ve been mulling over for a while now… and I felt amazing yesterday despite a killer headache! I was so in the zone I almost forgot to go and pick up my son (who likes to joke about all the times – once- I have forgotten all about him!). So anyway none of this work is finished, but here are some images of what I’ve been playing with…

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