There are days that try the soul they say, and this is one of those times in my professional life… there is so much drama it is driving me crazy, thank heavens for my studio life to keep me sane.

I dreamt about the installation I am working on last night, it was finished, and now I have a vision of where I am going, I can see this space in my mind at last and have a goal to work towards. Of course there will be changes along the road, but it is good to have a place to travel towards. I woke up exhausted but ready to get to work, but I have to go to work in the real world first before I can get back to the studio today!

On a book note… I am really enjoying the essays in an anthropology of turquoise, by Ellen Meloy, it reminds me a lot of Barry Lopez’s book, Arctic Dreams, the prose has the same unworldly resonance.

Well time to get some coffee, shower and head out to the daily grind, hopefully i won’t get too wet walking there!!

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