thank you and typography

really i’m easy to please, and the smallest things make me happy…. today anne made me glow by telling me that she thought I was an artist of calibre, yeah me! She sees a lot of art, so I took it as a great compliment that she would think so…

plus registration for my classes is slowly climbing, so I’ll get to teach next semester, whoo hoo!

and after I go grocery shopping I have time tonight to make art…

life is SOOOOO good, and the sun is shining!

Oh and reading an excellent book on typography, (the elements of typographic style by robert bringhurst). I’m sure all real graphic designers know all this stuff but since I am a default one I don’t and am really enjoying the lyrical nature of this prose, and all the good sense it makes, makes me want to know more which is always a sign of excellence i think. the book is gorgeous to look at, its pages are clean and elegant…

“an ancient metaphor: thought is thread, and the raconteur is a spinner of yarns – but the true storyteller, the poet, is a weaver. The scribes made this old and audible abstraction into a new and visible fact. After long practice, their work took on such an even, flexible texture that they called the written page a textus, cloth…

Another ancient metaphor: the denisty of texture in a written or typeset page is called its color. This has nothing to do with red or green ink; it refers only to teh darkness or blackness of the letterforms in mass.”

How can I not fall in love with this??

3 thoughts on “thank you and typography

  1. I like your blog site. I want to see more of your moths. I like them and want to see more of them and where they are going. It is good you are teaching art at your job you are involved with the creative process and the wonderful process of bouncing ideas off one another. Life is good when the sun shines, you have a good cup of coffee and you make time for art.

  2. That book sounds intriguing. Did you get it from Prendergast, or do you own it? Would love to look at it. P.S. I really liked your chicory, though I didn’t make a fuss about it when I was down there. But I do… keep thinking about it.

  3. Yes it came from the library, (hope you got some sleep), and I’m glad you like the chicory hopefully someone else will like it enough to buy it at Olean’s art in the park!!

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