art fairs…

So as many of you know, I participated in my first art fair this weekend in Olean, NY. It was an interesting experience. I enjoyed meeting some new people, and I really enjoyed winning the best in show for my work, but its very grueling being so exposed. I didn’t care for that so much, and it was exhausting too! I feel I should plug the great people at the Cattaragus County Arts Council here so here’s their website

I’m not sure if I would do it again, I did sell two original pieces, and I received a commission also, so it was a profitable day financially speaking, which I guess is good. I saw some old friends, who travel the circuit so I don’t see them much over the summer… also good. I made some art contacts with people I had never met before, also good, but I came away and still feel a little sad about the whole experience. I think this is because I don’t really enjoy the public-ness of the experience, people like to meet the artist, but I am uncomfortable with this, I like my work to stand by itself, not as an extension of me… while it is my work, it is not me, more like thinking out loud. Am I weird?? I have talked in the past about exposure and fame but basically I am a little baffled by why meeting me is important to the experience of my work, and I feel overexposed and vulnerable, these ideas are really important to me, oh its too difficult to explain, but I guess I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the punchline… ha, ha! I am not very comfortable in the public persona of artist, it comes with a lot of baggage.

2 thoughts on “art fairs…

  1. There is a woman who used to run an art shop in Bemus Point. She once told me, “People don’t come her to see the art. They come here to see me.” It was true. She is a personality – spunky, intelligent, laughs easily… It is pleasant to be around her. And then you notice the art… and maybe you buy some, too. Especially after she tells you about the artist and their process and their work. I did.

  2. thanks Jen… i left a message on your friends blog, I don’t think we’ve ever met, but I think we should! And I know that people like to hear about the artist, when I worked at Chautauqua it was the easiest way to coax out a sale, I just don’t like BEING the artist I guess!! As we were saying Friday night, despite my seemingly bright personality I’m actually pretty introverted and like books and trees better than people, you excluded of course!!

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