When I started this blog I had hoped it would be a place to talk about my creative process, but it seems my thoughts are such a soupy jumble that there is no way to make them into the neat linear thing that writing a blog requires, instead I seem to post these shallow flip little glimpses into my crazy life that are surprisingly disingenuous. It is very hard to talk honestly about what I am thinking about, partly because I am thinking about so many things at once much of the time, and partly because I am quite afraid I will seem a little bonkers!! But if this blog is to be what I had hoped it would be, a place to let people behind the process I will have to try and get over those fears, go ahead and think me crazy.

Tonight I was talking to a past student about creativity and journaling and encouraging her to start keeping a better sketchbook as a place to think out loud and herd ideas and inspiration together until things start to make sense, or common themes emerge. I let her look at my sketchbooks, and she observed how many projects were crammed in there, many waiting to be brought to life… we started talking about how a sketchbook becomes like a safety deposit box, keeping your ideas safe and warm till you can come back for them. On the way home from class I was trying to figure out how ideas get out of that book, how they percolate up and become art instead of lying there waiting. What is their escape velocity? I can’t really answer, I have no idea why some things just are right at this moment.

I do know that many of the ideas I am playing with have been treading water in my unconscious for a really long time, like the moths, and I still don’t quite know what they are saying to me… my whole summer has been filled with nocturnal visits from these splendid winged things, I swear I have never seen so many big beautiful moths inside my home ever (see crazy, told ya!) I am taking them as a divine sign that I am heading in the right direction, after all the universe is just providing so many models for my little drawings. There were clippings in my sketchbooks of the Starn brothers moth series that have to be at least five years old, although at the time I clipped them I was working on the love/moth print/poem cycle, nothing to do with mad women at all… except crazy in love

who even knows why I am having this recuring moth thing going on? although the starns obviously share it too. As does Joeseph Scheer in this amazing book, which I guarantee will make you do a double take at every flying insect you see… I guess right now these are a few of my favorite things…

2 thoughts on “creativity

  1. Very interesting take on the sketchbook – personally, I hated and hate keeping a sketchbook but thinking of it as a “safe deposit box” is a much more wholesome way to approach using it.

    I guess the honesty that a sketchbook engenders is what frightens me – I feel very humbled by what I cant do when working in a sketchbook because it is so straightforward and my guard is often down. My sketches just aren’t that good! and I guess that is part of the point that it is more about the idea and the capturing and learning from the idea than from any polished finish.

    Something to think about….

  2. well thanks… my sketchbooks are a crazy conglomerate of art I’ve seen, notes, quotes, ideas for new work, sketches, designs, doodles, they are really where I think about ideas, where I corral things until they reach critical mass or escape velocity.

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