sketchbooks continued

Wow, being really hyper today, two blogs!! There was some feedback to my sketchbook blog, so I thought I’d share a little glimpse inside my head, via the pages of my sketchbook… this page became a print, the horse is a chalk altar/monument in the south of england

this is the page that lead to this crazy litho paper of sexy paisley

these are just other random pages, the one on the left has never become a work (yet!) the one on the right was a dream record that became a painting in a series based on genesis, the origin, God as the word

4 thoughts on “sketchbooks continued

  1. I’m a glancer, I glanced at the picture on the right first and read and darted around…then came back and really looked at the picture on the right and thought: penises.
    Looked around…came back, looked at the left and ‘got it’!

    and wow on the horse
    and WOW on the sketch below of the human and box. I’m not seeing the link to the other blog….

    thanks for visiting my blog and the comment on the clock (that made my morning!)

    off to read more here….

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