a new day, a new book….

last night I was talking about how creativity just seeps in at the cracks of my life, so here’s how that is working today… last night I wrote a quick note to Jean Cozzens on a pair of pages I ripped from some old encyclopedias I bought a few weeks ago at an estate sale… I have been meaning to write to her for weeks, I find her blog really interesting, I would like to meet her someday…

So anyway, I wrote her a quick little note by gluing (laminating) two pages together then painting out most of the text with acrylic paint (which I got on my new khakis) and then writing on top, and then gluing on some more stuff, basically because I can’t help myself!!!

I woke up really early this morning thinking about a way to make that single page into a book… here’s what I have so far

first – I laminated and painted another page to make sure I still liked the effect, which I did! So I thought about how I could put lots of these pages together, I think the original books are too big to make good journals…

so i made these folders by folding some paper and sewing down the edges on my sewing machine ( probably not an advisable use of said equipment, but anything goes in my studio!!)

here’s a close up of the sewing, looks wonderful I think!

so the pages could go in the pockets like this, but then I thought that this would be a really bulky book, and decided to try just laminating some pages together to insert too… so here’s the first step in doing that, I added some heavier paper at the spine because the paper is fragile… OK that’s as far as I’ve got… more to come!!!

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