a “free” day

it is an incredibly beautiful fall day. As i was driving home from taking my kids to school the sun was still coming up, the tops of the trees were bathed in that mellow autumnal glow, sharply uplit against the steely grey of the night not yet passed… it was gorgeous, a breathtaking start to my morning.

Maybe today could be as mellow as that golden sunlight, perhaps my day could warmly unfold and be enveloped in that light, maybe i can bask in that softness and let my anxieties and pressing to-do list fade into the shadows of the night now stealing away. I am going to try hard today not to be overwhelmed by my lists, by the demands I put upon myself. Can I have a gentle day, just passing through it with grace?

There are as always a great many things I must accomplish today, and a great many more things I would like to do more than the obligations I burden myself with…

In the between times, crossing the thresholds I can pause in that magic, in the liminal unfolding of possibilities, and for a brief moment grace seems real, as if i could reach out and hold it tight to me.

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