new attitude

so today I am going to shake the blues and get some of these monkeys off my back. The crocodiles head is almost done, just needs to be fitted to Nicky the cast member playing the crocodile and then the back and tail constructed,neither of which will be too time consuming. I did find fur for Nana, and have decided to go with a mask and hood rather than a whole head so that will be much faster to construct. I am hoping to have them 99% finished by the end of this weekend. I apologise for my mopey behaviour this week… on to better days!!

3 thoughts on “new attitude

  1. hi dryadart! I was super psyched to get your letter. I’ll be writing back in paper form soon… I’m also in the territory of somewhat over-emotional and frustrating times… where even the slightest progress sometimes seems impossible. Then I start drawing or working or whatever and it gets me moving again for a little bit… holding on to the thing that’s tangible, that I can have an effect on… letting it lead me a little further out of the forest… if it can…

    I’ll also be working on finishing projects and (hopefully) making progress forward in emotional realms this week/weekend also… good luck with your work, and with your thoughts!

    ps. peter pan: my favorite story/character from when I was 4 to 10 years old!

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