words not pictures

So instead of working in my studio as I had hoped I baked brownies for my family and figured out my lesson plans for the rest of the semester. (My 2D class is working incredibly hard, it makes me really happy to see them begin to question ideas and even better stretch the boundaries of every assignment I give them, to make it their own. My drawing class is a puzzle, so much potential, but really erratic work thus far, and a real failure to follow through with anything I don’t spoon feed them!).

I did work on a couple of pages, and I am really working hard on my artist’s statement, also I organised all my notes from my Master’s degree, I have so much stuff, and I want to go back to ideas etc from then and it was infuriating having to dig through folder upon folder of loose pages all inserted at random apparently!

Then I decided to do some reading. I have been reading the pushcart prize anthology but its very nature rather requires that one read it in little dribbles… so far I really like

Shepherdess by Dan Chaon

Himmelen by Heidi Shayla

And these lines from Soutine: A Show of Still LIfes by Edward Hirsch

“I stood in the middle of a silent room/ and surveyed the beauty of carnage /and dangerous carnage of beauty.

So many brushstrokes in a painting / and so much blood. So much art / in a still life, and so much death.”

I’m sure these are not the most literary selections, but I enjoyed them, I guess I’ll leave the serious literature for those who understand it better!

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