not working again…

It started out as a week of good intentions, but exhaustion has the better of me! On a good note, Nana is almost finished, and a fitting with the actor last night was wonderful because it fits perfectly!! Woo Hoo!! Just the mask to make and the fur needs to be dyed and texture, pretty small tasks… the crocodile does NOT look to big on stage so work continues on that, just have to figure out how to disguise the presence of a cart with wheels beneath her belly??!!

I was surfing around the web, because I just don’t have enough time today to even start on something in the studio before I go to get the kids and saw a post on Kirsty Hall’s blog about and artist named celia, her work sort of reminded me of a piece of work by mine, except of course i take out letters not musical notes…

So here is a comparison

Some of the notes, maybe all I’m not sure end up in little ziploc bags, you can see more at her website. In my work below, the missing words from these pages of psychiatric text books ended up returning the words of women who had been inmates of asylums in the 18th and 19th centuries, their first person words are inside the corset. The pages were sewn together and then back lit – called monument – the light of reason, it was a little pun about the validity of the accepted canon (shining the light of reason through the holes!!). You can read more about the work if you’re interested at my website…

3 thoughts on “not working again…

  1. Deb,
    I just read this post and I couldn’t help but think of the artist Clyde Connell. She didn’t become an artist until well past midlife. Yet, she managed to produce a wonderous body of work. She was a sculptor, but she also made these interesting drawings about the sounds of the swamp. She lived in a desolate area of Louisiana. She would sit and “draw” these images listening to the sounds. Here is an example:

    If this interests you, do so more research on her. She is a very terrific artist. Here is a blog link about her work:

  2. I’m rather blown away by this post. I find what you are doing to be so far out of the box I still can’t come to terms with it. I’m not one to get conceptual art, I know it means something and I’m rather stupid about all this yet I know there is something intense going on with this and I can FEEL it.
    the sewn words (above) are incredible.

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