trying to pull myself together!

Today I finally finished putting together a portfolio to send to a gallery I am interested in showing in… I’ll let you know how that goes, now ALL I have to do is work on my artist statement because it is too long and hard to follow, much like me at the moment. Last night in a state of utter fugue and burn out I monkeyed around with a page for the new book I’m making… I looked at some amazing book art on line, but I am saving that blog for tomorrow when I am less brain dead, I’d like to think I’m occasionaly capable of stringing two thoughts together.

Tonight I worked on the crazy crocodile suit. it turns out the crocodile needs to move in unanticipated ways and so the costume now needs a major overhaul, the dress rehearsal is this weekend… grrr! Stiil it IS coming along and will be done in time, I may just be really REALLY sleep deprived to do it!!

1 thought on “trying to pull myself together!

  1. congrats on getting work together for a gallery submit, don’t fret too much over that stupid artist statement eh? (the gallery I am in usually has me re-write mine every other show more to go with the show/work, nice to know it isn’t the holy grail. If someone loves your work and your AT sucks I doubt they are going to nix you.
    your leaf/paper photo is so ethereal…its beautiful.

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