4 thoughts on “inspiration for a tired mind…

  1. Deb,
    Those book pieces are so strange and unfamiliar, I just stared at them. Then I googled both Georgia Russell and Nicholas Jones just so I could understand what I was looking at. Both create unbelievable work. In fact, it is so intricate, it makes me tired just looking at the work. Holy macaroni! Not only are the concepts brilliant, but the time and effort to produce such pieces is breathtaking.
    Thanks for sharing this work with us!!

  2. These are just beautiful. I can’t imagine having the patience or eye to detail to do these things! Much less the talent.
    Found you through Self Taught Artist’s blog.

  3. Oh the time and effort that must have gone into these. Maliciousness on to oneself is all too well known on this side of the table. But of course with patience and determination things turn out so frickin amazing that it is sooooo well worth the work!


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