finally slowing down…haha!!


So this has been a really stressed out week, but Tuesday I sat and drew with my class to chill out, so here’s a little sketch (its the end of a pine cone, you probably can’t tell that!), of course I don’t really get much done because I’m still working… but it was relaxing.

The costumes are done, we remade Nana’s head, so not much sleep Tuesday night, and then I finished everything but the feet of the crocodile, I’ll finish those up tomorrow in the AM, I watched part of the dress rehearsal on Wednesday night and all the work that went into that croc was worth it when I saw it crawl across the stage, it is hilarious! I’ll post pics when I have one!!

2 thoughts on “finally slowing down…haha!!

  1. Hey, thanks for your comment on my site. It arrived at the same time as a spam message and I accidentally deleted them both, but I will scan and post one of my asylum postcards when I get the chance. I still can’t believe they were tourist destinations. No accounting for taste!

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