a long selfish weekend!

This weekend I was a bad wife and a bad mother… I didn’t do dishes or laundry I went out and looked at art and supported my art making friends…

I revisited my friend Kristen Briggs’ show, “buffalo in the snow” at the Prendergast Library in Jamestown


but these are my favorite things, amazing handmade paper, some of which I now own – lucky me


On Saturday, my friend Sean Huntington held an open house, he is closing up his studio in Bradford and moving off to the big city, Pittsburgh after the holidays. I was too busy having fun to take pictures, so I snagged this from his facebook page, and his artist listing at the catt county arts council website!

seans-trees sean2sean3sorry they’re so tiny!!

I stayed out late and talked shop with art friends…

Sunday I attended the annual fundraising auction for Cattaraugus County Arts Council, I had two pieces in the auction, a ledger bound book made entirely from recycled/green materials, and this mixed media panel


there were so many beautiful things, but I really wanted a fabulous lithograph of the “shovel headed deity”, unfortunately I just couldn’t afford it, but I’m saving for next year already, just in case!!

So now I have lots of dirty dishes, and plenty of laundry, but I had a relaxing, re-invigorating weekend filled with shop talk and art friends.

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