arts-council this frumpy middle aged woman in black is me talking about my work at the arts council auction last weekend

this is a much better picture of just the workwork-at-auction2

the picture on the stand and the little book at the front are mine.

The downside to all this frivolous gallvanting (including the fab lunch I had with B at her place on Saturday) is the huge back log of mum-stuff that builds up in the interim… Sunday here was witness to a very ugly meltdown about that!! Not at all attractive. But I dug my way back out of the hole and so cleared the decks for another busy week. On the plus side tonight I get to enjoy my hubby’s company as his company is only working 4 day weeks (not so good) and the marvelous man scored me some new lights (from the rubbish) for my studio and he put up more insulation while I was at work today , oh he totally rocks!!

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