Attendance at my evening class has been pretty sporadic this semester, never more so than when  project is due. Today in both my classes I asked my students to give a brief presentation about their final projects, just a few minutes, very casual… in the evening class the usual handful of students showed up… anyway to reward my students I decided to do a fun, relaxing project instead of really “working” plus by the time we had finished discussing everyone’s ideas I knew we’d be short of time for a new assignment, so…

I showed them Will Ashford’s website, then I let them choose several pages from those old encyclopedias I bought at that household sale a few months back, and we worked on “Will Ashford” of our own. I have to tell you it is highly addictive, really! It was like doodling for grown ups, not that I am suggesting that Mr Ashford’s work is anything of the kind, but for me it was a really enjoyable exercise in letting the materials talk to you! Some of the class thought I was a little nuts when I said, just look at the page and let it talk to you, one of my evening students is taking the first art class he has taken since grade school and promptly told me he needed a translator as he didn’t speak book!! Anyway it was interesting to see their solutions and creativity coming out and I hope they will let me post some of their work here when it is done…

Here is my page, I found an entry for wyvern, and even though many of you have formed this serious impression of me, I am a highly whimsical woman who loves all things magical, so here is my wyvern a la Will Ashford, may he forgive me!


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  1. at New Urban Arts, the after-school art program for highschoolers where I have mentored in the past, “make your own edited/embellished book page” is a super-common ‘prompt’, both for writing/poetry and for art projects! so you’re definitely not the first to rip it off.

    I am not even sure who was the initiator of this idea, if anyone can claim it: there’s also “A Humument”, where another artist, Tom Phillips, has now gone through four versions of treating the same book…

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