gypsys oh!

romany_leslie_edna_uk_001image by Nigel Dickinson

I always loved the song “raggle taggle gypsys” (I’m sure that’s not what it’s really called, but its about a lady who hears the gypsy’s singing and runs away from her life to be with them) and I love the idea of running away with the gypsy’s right now… I am feeling pretty stressed by the whole spousal job thing, and I can’t seem to get any work going in the studio… I have given up and retreated to cleaning out closets instead. I think of art in my life being like that gypsy song, something beautiful that weaves itself into the mundane, it just feels like the mundane is winning right now. Oh definately a drowning day. Or a running away one. oh well…

sap-risingSo enough whining, let’s talk about something else, I’ve fielded a few questions about the dryad thing, so here is such a creature this one encountered in the woods of Wales, the feminine spirit of the woods, a wild untamed force with no sense of human values, no duality, no right and wrong, only being, only now. To me she is the siren song of the muse, the space of between, of thresholds crossed and boundaries overthrown. Essential and sure, she is my talisman against the overwhelming pressure of real life, a space of retreat… a safe haven on a day like today.

tomorrow could be better.

1 thought on “gypsys oh!

  1. I think I can understand why artists live alone, it is hard to have people in your space, even if it isnt the studio…just having that energy of another brain and body can be so distracting.
    i envy the people who know how to shut it all out and focus. I’m not there yet…
    hope you find time and space and whatever else you need to feel good and creative and relaxed.

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