So already today things have come unstuck in the studio, staring at the wallpaper I suddenly found it inhabited by many many moth like creatures all crawling about willy-nilly in there, the light isn’t good right now but I will try to get a picture later… and i rewrote that damn statement again, I thing its obviously less wordy and maybe better?? I think jean was right that the other version belongs on my website somehow… so be brutal, here it is

For many years I have been fascinated with the discourses surrounding madness and the stories of women historically trapped inside the boundaries of those ideas. Recently I have been further engaged by a resonance I perceived between this discussion and the language of Victorian design reform. All of this interest has been focused through the space of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “Yellow Wallpaper”, a work that concerns both mad women and immoral design. As I have lived with these dialogues, I have again filtered them through the lens of my experience, and I find now that this work has begun to distil out of this intersection and spill into the studio. I feel the presence of these women, the hysterics, the domestic and material feminists, the utopian dreamers, they remain as the paper cocoons of their words across time, and revealed they flutter, insubstantial, like moths beating vainly against a darkened window pane.  I find there is no way to be outside of the pattern, that to find a space I must struggle to inhabit the interstices between ornament and flourish. This new work is about finding what lies in this between, of living in the pattern and subverting its lines to make my own design. I find myself drawn back repeatedly to work that requires repetition and the labor of my hands and always to the presence of text and pattern and to making work that inhabits the spaces of the studio and gallery.

10 thoughts on “wow!

  1. that is a great artist statement, super concise and clear but also with all the sense of the mystical and hidden that it needs to have! congratulations! (or some word, that doesn’t really capture what I mean, but it’s the best word I can think of right now…) yes.

  2. no! right now the studio doesn’t even have any walls, just open studs!! I should clarify, my installation is made of panels of wallpaper, I print the panels, tea/coffee rinse to age them, then I color them in with colored pencil, a 4ft by 8ft panel takes about 100 hours to complete, and I’m doing a whole gallery full!! yep crazy as a loon!!

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  4. Reading these re-visits (at last) has been very informative. I think I picked up on your site in December last year when I started blogging and remember your thoughts about repetition and hands being important to your processes. And reading about the moths and bad wallpaper which I had missed completely provided excellent background information too. Maybe re-visits should be post at intervals!

  5. Lumilyon I am sending you an email, I’d love to collaborate and to hear your family stories…

    Lesley, thanks, I value your opinion as you know, so glad I seem slightly less loony (I hope) after that long trek!!

  6. I came here via Seth’s “buried treasure” and in response to your kind comment on my blog, and I find myself intrigued by your artist statement and really drawn to your work. I am really glad I found your blog. I will be back!

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