two new books

So here are the two books I worked on yesterday

this is a view of the spine, I used this great hemp paper to make the pages, the single signatures are sewn with an olive green cotton thread, individually to organza ribbon…book-spine11interiorspine-close-up

the covers are made from one of those old encyclopedias I found at the household sale a few months back, I cut one in half because I wanted to make this little chunky book

I held the ribbons in place by drilling the covers then threading some seriously heavy duty household string through the drilled covers, then I turned the ribbons back on themselves and tied the little “bows”

I like the contrast of the sheer shiny ribbon with the beaten up old covers and the common string.

Inside I used a library card pocket from another book saved from a local library’s discard, I love to put the pockets into a book, I like places to stash things in journals…

Here is a close-up of the sewn binding.

and laying flat!



This is the other book, not sure if it is really finished yet. The cover came from a set of Smithsonian reference books, the antique lace was from the same household sale as the covers of the other book.

Here is the modified Japanese stab binding , because I wanted to the binding to emerge through the flowers on the cover I only bound the bottom of the book.


I used the lace again on the back too, it runs all the way inside the back cover.

3 thoughts on “two new books

  1. Deb,
    These are great! What are you going to do with them? Are you going to show them or just have them? Either choice is just fine.
    I am FINALLY starting to do an art book series.. My books aren’t anything like yours. That is a good thing! Maybe we can be in a book show together some day!

  2. I would be honored to show my work with yours some day…

    actually I am sending these two off to England as gifts for my baby sister Chantelle who just turned 21 this summer, and the other to my niece Emily, who is a very worldly 15 going on 30!!

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