end of term insomnia

It is 4.18, and despite the fact that I worked both jobs yesterday and have to go to work later today, I am wide awake… I have suffered with insomnia my whole life, even as a child I had trouble sleeping, I used to crawl up on the windowsill and read by the street light outside my window, I also remember making a series of very detailed plasticine birds complete with individual feathers for hours on end. I am running over this past term and trying to figure out what worked and what didn’t, also I have several new projects gestating and they want to be made NOW. I got out my sketch book and drew out some ideas, hoping that would send my over active brain into idle… but no! So I thought I’d check in with everyone’s blogs while I wait for a sleeping pill to kick in. This is my avenue of last resort, and now I will be groggy and bad tempered tomorrow, but at least in a few minutes I will be able to fall into oblivion for a couple of hours, which is sort of better than no sleep at all, I think. So good goodnight/morning everyone, ttyl

1 thought on “end of term insomnia

  1. Oh Deb,
    This is such treacherous territory. I can’t think of any feeling worse than feeling so tired but not being able to sleep. You are right. There seems to be no reasonable answer. I too work myself too many hours and then, lay wide awake in the middle of the night. I have nixed the caffeine. I have put my jammies on early. I have gotten myself ready mentally as early as 7pm.
    Some nights, there is no problem. Other nights, I can be up ALL night! Talk about groggy and bad tempered tomorrows. Oh shoot! Face a bunch of emotionally disturbed kids yelling obscenities at you at 6:50 AM and you suddenly realize you are feeling MORE than bad tempered.
    I feel you.
    I really do.

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