holiday cheer

So it seems I haven’t in fact disappeared off of the face of the planet! I have been busy grading (yes! all done, term is over!) and getting ready for the holidays… because we live in a big old Victorian I love to over-indulge in Christmas decorations, frosted fruit, gilding, ribbons, candles…. not my usual taste, but once a year I just go for it! Out tree is a family hand me down from Glenn’s mother, we can’t have a real one unless I want to be miserable, as I am allergic to the mold that grows on tree trunks (sigh), its a little hokey but it’s home to all our family memories, we hang all the ornaments the kids have made over the years, before the kids I used to do big themed trees, but now we go with the charm of all their little craft projects! So here is a little peek inside at a few areas of our home.

suitcase this is one of many old suitcases, in our unused fireplace, the big glass jar is filled with tiny white lights, teh crystal dish was Glenn’s granmothers, and is filled with antique glass ornaments!

mantle here is the mantle piece, baubles, candles, ribbons, etc!! Not all the stockings are up yet, and the painting in the background is by me…

tree and here is the tree in the dining room window, all that junk in the background is displaced from my studio upstairs, and is the price of remodeling!!

3 thoughts on “holiday cheer

  1. Everything looks lovely. I envy all your space! This year I made garlands from round gold seals stuck together on thin gold cord.
    I made a bunch and hung them all over. They’re so light that any breeze catches them and makes them shimmer. Very petty.

  2. the suitcase stuffed with decor is pretty least i’ve never seen that anywhere. thanks for showing us your creative christmas!!!
    hope you all have a good one and things level out, jobs, kids, jobs, art, jobs….life….

  3. thanks for the kind words ladies… as you can see from today’s blog I am enjoying having my oldest child home for the holidays. As to the job thing, still no sense of whether he will be working in the new year, but I am trying very hard not to borrow trouble, and my classes are filling up for next semester, so I will be working hard at least!!

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