family and friends

It’s wonderful to have my oldest daughter home from school, the house fills up with her friends, and with laughter. Last night one of her very best friends stopped by, we talked about books, movies, drank sumptuous pomegranate tea, and then we played board games till the wee hours of the night! I won both Quickword and Buzword, ah! it pays to be a bookish gal once in a while!! Of course this morning the house is a wreck, but I don’t have to go to the print shop today, so I can get that cleaned up and get started on the wrapping, and making the BIG list for this Saturday, when Glenn and I do our annual Christmas shopping together. We make a day of it, even though the kids aren’t little anymore and we don’t really need time away from them like we did when they were little, its become a tradition, and we love spending the day together, then going out for a nice meal when we are tired of the crowds and the shopping.

The radio host this morning on the drive to school was asking what the listeners best Christmas gift ever was… can you think of one? This was so easy for me! One year when our children were still small and I was a stay at home mum, Glenn took the kids away for the weekend and I had a big girl sleepover, all my friends came to the house, we cooked Indian food (too spicy for little children!!), drank wine, went out dancing and then a good friend who owns a restaurant in town opened his doors in the middle of the night to make us all a fabulous gourmet breakfast! Then we all headed back to the house, slept in late, then when everyone was gone (being ladies they cleaned up before they left) I enjoyed a day to myself, read a book, took a long hot bath without anyone whining outside the door… yes! that was the best Christmas gift ever for me!! What about all you bloggers out there?

3 thoughts on “family and friends

  1. Thanks for the book recommendations. I’ll look for them.
    I too cherish the child free moments. We head to Seattle for the holidays on Sunday and the grandparents can be trusted to entertain the kids leaving me free to take photos, read and otherwise play.

  2. glad to hear you have relaxed and found some fun time…have fun shopping and watching people! (im still struggling, send some of that good juju my way would ya?)

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