Friends, art and otherwise

Now is the time of year when everyone welcomes family and friends into their homes, and the holidays are always bitter sweet for me because my parents, sisters and their families are all thousands of miles away in another country.  This year we almost splurged on plane tickets to go back… but the economic downturn made me afraid to spend all that money when our financial future seems a tad shaky. Anyway, thanks to the web and VOIP, I can talk to my family now as if they were just down the street, so I feel more involved  in their  lives, and then Christmas brings cards and pictures from old school friends and I get caught up on their lives. My best friend from High school married a guy from Ghana and they spent the summer with their adorable son Kofi in Ghana building a second home, wow how pedestrian that makes me feel. She still looks exactly the same as she did in high school!!mehelen1

Here we both are many moons ago, maybe my 19th or 20th birthday!! (I’m in the purple, and no more breakfast club jokes please!!)

This year I am also grateful for all my new friends out in the blog-0-sphere! All of you have absolutely given me a sense of family and community that I have been seeking for a long time, so I wanted to say thank you for reading, for your sage counsel and witty remarks, for all your wonderful blogs…

So Happy Holidays one and all with love and gratitude.

3 thoughts on “Friends, art and otherwise

  1. Speechless because?? Lunch would be wonderful, after all what else are the holidays for except food!! Call me I’m in the phone book!

  2. HA! Oh I have pictures like that. Those were the days! LOL LOL (I like it much better NOW though! Tee HEE HEE)

    Deb, I want to wish you a wonderful, happy holiday and a too cool NEW YEAR!!


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