Wow family keeps one sooooooo busy over the holidays! This is both good, I love my husband and my kids and their friends and of course mine, but I have had narry a second for a thought of art let alone time to make any. Looking through my book of contacts I realised in all the holiday craziness I had missed a deadline for a residency I really wanted to apply for. Some days this art making business just seems too impossible. I am cranky because I have art building up behind this dam of craziness. I dreamed of painting all week this week, I haven’t really painted anything since finishing my undergrad studies, maybe I am ready to go back there? I dreamt of purple trees, I know my muse is trying to get through any way she can. She is NOT patient, I wonder if I should be less patient about the loss of my time too? Oh grumpy me!

OK enough! Last night we had a big party, lots of art friends came, along with a veritable horde of teenagers, I think around 50!! We all ate way way too much dessert and I got to enjoy watching my daughter show of her fledgling creative wings with my art crowd, showing her dresses and sketchbooks. It was wonderful. Today I got to watch her start a new creation, it is amazing to me to see her begin a pattern with her rulers and french curves, and see how that becomes a fabulous dress! It is equally amazing to me to see her launch out under her own steam, to see her becoming her own woman before my very eyes! Can you tell I am proud of her!!!!!! It was wonderful to see each of my friends, and B. gave me a beautiful bowl to replace the one our new kitten knocked off of our coffee table. I am a hopeless potter so it is wonderful to know such a talented one! Many of the people at the party hadn’t seen my paintings, it was strange to see others seeing them… maybe I am feeling the urge to paint, hmmm?

We did put in some serious time working on the studio renovations, it may even be habitable here in short shrift… I took some before pictures, but I am waiting till I can post them with the after pictures when I am back home!

Oh I live in hope!!!!

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