happy belated new year!

sketch2Yesterday I was SUPER busy, trying to finish up some projects that have been laying around here for a while, the good news is, I finished my new bedroom curtains, they look very glamorous and sophisticated, but it would be pretty hard for them to look worse that the ones that were hanging in there which were full of holes. I also made some basket liners for a new storage unit that I received as a Christmas present, and as we speak my hubby is hanging new lights up in my studio. I am feeling full of hope for a productive new year.

Because this is the season for goals and resolutions, here are mine for 2009…

1. make time to make art everyday, even if it’s just a little time

2. send out information to at least 10 galleries

3. Apply for at least 5 residencies

4. work like a mad thing on my website

5. apply for some full time teaching positions

So wish me luck. I already started on that art everyday thing, mostly by clearing the decks of interruptions and distractions… and I had an idea to develop the wallpaper series in a new direction…thanks to a scarf in a magazine and a conversation at the crazy party the other night!

here’s a sketch, I’m starting on the project tomorrow, the supplies are all lined up, I am excited!!


4 thoughts on “happy belated new year!

  1. Funny!! I have already started an application, I imagine I won’t get a spot but I’m going to give it a try, undisturbed time to work would be so amazing!!

  2. congratulations on finishing stuff! I am in that mode now too, it’s pretty great. I am excited to see the wallpaper series as it goes further along!

    (and if you have a larger version of your wallpaper sketch image, I would love to see it in more detail.)

    I think you (and your readers?) might like the work of a former housemate of mine, Pippi Zornoza. she makes obsessively intricate ink drawings, based on wallpaper, lace, and traditional decorative patterns, then makes screenprints from them onto patterned fabric or paper. when I saw your pattern above, I immediately though, oh yeah Deb would be totally into Pippi’s stuff! and wondered why I hadn’t passed it on earlier…

  3. Ohhh I love her stuff, and she used the tinners hares, they are like my personal icon, maiden-mother-wise woman (i hope some day), symbol for Diana and probably many more ancient Goddesses, I have them on my business card, resume, all that professional stuff, we are kindred spirits its would seem!

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