book tuesday

in so many ways today is book Tuesday, I am reading, well OK that’s not really anything new, I’m always reading, but I read this today and I wondered if any of you had an opinion about it… I am re-reading this


He is talking in the current chapter about the quality of life and environment, and how people in general find natural beauty inspiring (DUH!), but what actually stuck me was a paragraph about some scientists who used to get together and go on what I guess would today be called a retreat in the mountains of Switzerland, and how all of these men in their autobiographies talk about how creative they were when they had that time together, but apart from the world. That they credit that time with some of their greatest work and most insightful discoveries. I was thinking about how juiced I felt after we had that little party the other night, and how energized I get sometimes when I have other artists to bounce my ideas off of, perhaps I just need validation still? I’m not sure, some days I am so certain that I am an artist, other days not so much (as my kids would say!) So how about all of you? Do you gain momentum from being around other artists, does it help/hinder/change your work? Am I only thinking about this because I am lusting after a summer residency?

Also this week I am re-reading (seems to be a theme)

Building Domestic Liberty – Polly Wynn Allen, and To Herland and Beyond – Ann J. Lane, both of which were important in helping me shape some of the ideas behind my current work. Because things in the studio seem to be growing all over the place and I had to resort to jotting ideas down for later because there just isn’t enough time to pursue everything at once I just wanted to backtrack a little… on a sort of related note, my son just had to read The Yellow Wallpaper for his AP English class, he said he was able to give a totally ad lib presentation (which he should have worked on) about the lives of Victorian women because “his mum is such a nut about that stuff”. Just so you know!

Its also book Tuesday because I had an idea for a new book, so I am making that too, oh if only I didn’t have to work or sleep!

2 thoughts on “book tuesday

  1. whoa, obviously I have to read “Building Domestic Liberty”!!! based on the chapter headings from google books, it looks exactly like what I need to read right now. man, I would be off to the library tomorrow if it weren’t for the giant sheet of rain-frozen-to-ice that just fell over our city….

    thanks deb for that path to follow!

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