tinners2The Universe is a very small place… really. Just ask these hares, whose image is the shared cultural heritage of medieval societies from Asia to Britain. We cannot know what the image meant to those who carved it, but it is found in Devon alongside that of the Green Man.


These hares are however a personal talisman for me, they have  borne me company in joy and sorrow. There is much supposition that the ancients linked hares with magic because they are out at night, female fertility because their cycle is the same length of an average woman’s and perhaps  because of these things with the Goddess, although contemporary historians bicker amongst themselves, here is a good place to start reading if you are interested. For me they are a magical symbol of the Goddess, maiden-mother-wise-woman, the three archetypes of the feminine, I have no rational basis for this belief, except its rightness to me. This belief is instinct, a certain knowledge, perhaps it rises from a cultural soul, the small dark Pictish world of my childhood. The Celts believe that many worlds walk together, woven amongst each other and that sometimes we can see between. It is this magical thinking that set my feet on my current paths.

I bring all of this up because of Jean’s comment on my blog, which lead me to Pippi Zornoza’s work, and the fact that apart from a shared obsession with overwrought design, a piece on her website features “my” hares. I am obviously a magical thinker, I talk to dryads, I am often in another world. I believe in synchronicity, I believe deeply that intention opens doors, and that we meet the people we are supposed to meet if we are open to possibilities. Meeting goes both ways, sometimes we are mentored, sometimes we have gifts to give. I am thinking about these things because the world seems bleak if I turn on the TV, but my world is rich and beautiful when I focus close to home, there are many thoughtful people out there. All I can change is my own behaviour, and maybe my effort ripples out…

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