Here is the book I was working on, it is for my friend B, she wanted something she could take pages out of, and that was small enough to fit in her pockets, and here is what I came up with, I love the little solid silver clasp, that came off of an old perfume bottle. The cover is made of suede, the inside pages are a pale blue cardstock.

another book

3 thoughts on “finished!!

  1. I just wanted to say (mindful that you’ve had a busy day) how much I like your web site currently under construction. Now that my own blog is underway I’ve had the chance to look at blogs I’ve bookmarked. I think you’re doing absolutely the right thing in putting it together in stages and thinking things through. I also noticed Lesley Dill under your influences. This gave me the opportunity to re-visit some of her work. I’m a great fan of textual practices. Of course – her love of Emily Dickinson, I’d forgotten, which connects my current work to her. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Lesley, one of my theory professors during my undergraduate studies (my BFA is in painting) was actually finishing his PhD which was in some way related to Emily Dickinson, for a dead girl she sure gets around!! He wrote me a wonderful reference that got me in way over my head at grad school. I absolutely was not well enough read or intellectually prepared to go head to head with real academia. I spent the whole year reading furiously and playing catch up. I had no real training in how to write properly, I mean I went to grammar school, I can string words together coherently, but I can’t find the authority for my ideas to write well. I passed, although re reading my dissertation I have no idea how! I am still trying to process so much of what I imbibed there even after three years. I’m glad you like the web site, I am really struggling with it, it seems the format requires a linearity that I don’t quite have a grasp on yet, everything in my practice is so interwoven its really hard to tease out the pieces so they make sense to someone else (i hope) they make no sense to me some days!! Thanks for the encouragement!!

  3. I struggled to achieve ‘validation’ within academia despite having been told throughout school that English and Art were my ‘best’ subjects. My most enjoyable writing experience was as a part time student on a Women’s Studies course in my home town (and Heaven knows I’ve done loads of academic writing!) To be offered so much freedom and non judgemental approaches to writing content, style and presentation was inspiring. Later I submitted my M.A. in Fine Art dissertation in the same university using the same ideas, i.e. diary format, personal observations combined with theoretical work and it was rejected! I was given an additional year in which to re-write and re-present in the ‘accepted’ format. And this within the liberalism of the art college system (2000). Well I did re-submit and was ‘validated’ (but greatly disappointed!)

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