what a day!

2wwwomenswork“I’m not here all day – I have to go and do part-time housework”

So today being Thursday should be a studio day… but even tho I left work at the print shop at noon, I didn’t get into the studio today. My youngest child is having some health issues related to a sports injury, (she is a distance runner) which have been dragging on for months now, this afternoon we had an appointment to hear the results of some tests she had just before the holidays, the end result of which is that I get to give up my studio time next Tuesday to take her to a specialist for further evaluation. Obviously I love my children, I would do anything for them, but two studio days in a row!!! OK I’m mostly kidding! Then after the drs appointment I picked her brother up from school and we came home and took down all the Christmas decorations and packed them away. Then I shoveled the foot of snow off the sidewalk, we live on a corner lot which is wonderful in the spring, summer and fall, but in the winter, and winter lasts a long time around here, we have over 200 ft of sidewalk to shovel, my son split the task with me, actually he offered to do the whole thing, but I felt like I would at least get in 30 minutes of vigorous exercise and some fresh air if I did half! Then I came inside, made dinner, did dishes, did laundry, sorted the recycling, etc, etc.

One of the side effects of the rewiring project is that we as a family realized we have just been storing old stuff indiscriminately for years. Every other year our neighborhood has a huge block sale so we decided since everything was all stacked up in piles we would sort it all and only restore what we really wanted to keep. The rest is forming an increasingly large pile for sale in the basement. I am amazed and delighted at how easily we are letting things go. We are saving any really nice or timeless toys for future grandchildren but everything else is going. We are also having a great time reliving family memories and telling stories as we sort. I’m hoping to get through most of it before C goes back to school on the 18th.

This is what it is really like to be a suburban soccer mum and an artist, somedays the artist looses the fight for time, and my new year’s resolution goes down in flames before January is even over. oh well c’est la vie! OK, so now I am going to take a bubble bath, read and drink some wine, and go to SLEEP!

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