bad to worse….

1grumpy-care-bear-plush-toyso the snow kept on falling… all night…  a foot or more, it was incredibly beautiful. (I have always wished I could draw snow well, it never turns out the way I want.) It was fluffy and fabulous until I got stuck at the end of my drive! After spending a frustrating 40 minutes independantly trying to shovel myself out I dissolved into tears and woke up my poor hubby to help… he is a good man, he didn’t even grumble, he just dug me out and then drove me to work because by then I was a wreck. It was a not so hot day at the office, it should have been great, my birthday is this weekend, one of the guys family’s owns a bakery, we always get treats for our birthday, I got a fabulous almond cake, but I was just beyond redemption even of dessert for breakfast. Both my girls are gone for the weekend, so my son and I ordered pizza and watched TV together. Oh I am just grumpy bear this week, enough said! Then I just retreated to the naivety of Victorian Utopias, and I am staying behind the damn wallpaper until spring comes…

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