enough self pity!!

So my tarot this morning gave me a good talking to, and told me to stop moping and get on with it already, either that or crawl back under a rock and shut up. Since by now you will have guessed I am disinclined to do the latter I guess I’ll stop whining. In this more positive spirit, some happy spin on parts of my life this morning…

1. I have a HUGE drawing class this semester, and I am always invigorated by new minds to tangle with. I hope it will go really well.

2. Its high school musical time at my house so that means tap dancing kids singing show tunes at the top of their lungs. I should add that I love this! It means a lot of extra driving for me, but I am trying to use all that waiting in the car time better, so I have been sketching while I sit… so here’s a sketch I made in the car last night while I waited for them. Actually there was another tree I wanted to draw, so I was a little mad that they were done on time!!

church and tree in the dark

3. The application is on its way so I can stop pouring so much energy into it and move on with my life, and I know in a few days I will have forgotten that I even applied! And now I’ve taken the plunge all the other applications will go more smoothly.

4. Finished another book and had a brilliant idea for another new one that I may work on for a while today


5. The universe is a GOOD place, if sub zero, and I have a blessed life.

2 thoughts on “enough self pity!!

  1. You stated:
    “The universe is a GOOD place, if sub zero, and I have a blessed life.”

    You know Deb. I am just starting to understand this premise. I know. I know. I know. I hate to admit I have lived this much life and didn’t get it. However, it is true. All of a sudden I am starting to see and understand how I am SO unbelievably lucky and blessed.
    I kind of knew it all along. However, this past few months I started to want to shake myself. Slap, slap, slap. I wanted to say “Sheree, WAKE UP!” Your life is so great. The Universe gave you all this. SEE IT. now.”

    I think I am finally seeing it.
    Thank you UNIVERSE
    Thank you Deb for reminding me.

  2. But the funny thing is you seem such a positive upbeat person, and your work is colorful and entertaining… and you make me smile all the time…

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