no time to be sick

So having nursed my family back to health, and because I finally had cleared some space in my calendar to get some of my own work done, I find my immune system has crashed and I am sick as a dog today…. typical! I am going to try and putter around a little and see if I can get anything accomplished, but mostly I am thinking I’d like to go back to bed and get some more sleep. I am so frustrated right now. I have to finish my sketchbook for the sketchbook project, which I might be able to do as the pages are small and I could work on that in bed or laying around on the couch, but my big dress project is probably not going to happen because just thinking about it is making me tired. Plus the dishes, laundry, shopping etc, and my son has a hair appointment. Being an artist and a mum is so impossible some days. There is a juried contest that I really want to enter, but I need new pictures of my new work because it’s very competitive, and right now I don’t even feel like I have the courage to put this new stuff out there where it could be rejected. I have till the end of the week to decide if I will do it. Its a biennial, and I got in the first time I entered, the last time I was finishing up my master’s so no work to enter, now I’d like to enter this new work, but I am feeling pretty fragile, so I don’t know. OK going to post and get something done…have a good day people.

2 thoughts on “no time to be sick

  1. yeah, just rest. rest that brain too would ya? i just got rejected for having work on a ny art site (this after a gallery owner told me one of the people on this site really liked my work). It bummed me out a little but let us not forget for every 100 stabs at something you are lucky to get 3 or 4 yeses.
    you probably have a better chance getting in because they accepted you once before. i think you are harder on yourself than i am when it comes to putting the work out there. it isn’t how i see you…i see you as strong and competent and your work has power.
    rest…..(whisking fairy powder in the air)…rest….make your family serve you tea and read or watch tv and just chill the heck out!

  2. so yeah, all I managed to do today was take my son to get a haircut, I’ve pretty much been asleep or laying around otherwise, thanks for the kind words…. going to bed, hoping for better tomorrows!

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