raining again!

rain_splashYes! Finally the Haze is lifting and I am beginning to feel human again. Not refreshed or revived exactly but functioning and working again. I had a revelation regarding the sketchbook project… the book was so small I was dismayed by the workable surface, I kept pushing it away, I couldn’t think what to do with it, it just didn’t speak to me at all. BUT having paid to play I thought I really ought to finish the damn thing, then last night I decided to take the book apart and finally something came to me, I covered all the pages with book pages from an old Smithsonian science book, and the pages of the old book began to talk, and I found some people I knew in there!! I guess I just needed to be in a playful comfortable space… so now I am furiously altering those “new” pages, then I plan to sew them all back together and put them back into the original cover, which of course I won’t be able to stop myself from altering (I am not sure if this is OK in the rules, they are very vague… but if it’s not I guess I’ll live with the consequences). I am so happy to be making anything after these past weeks that I don’t care if its this forced sort of project thing. I’ll scan the pages and post them tomorrow, going back to work now!! I love it when it rains!!

P.S. A quick domestic update, my daughter who has mono also has a sprained foot and is on crutches for 6 weeks, I swear we should wrap the girl in bubble wrap and put her in a cotton wool lined box, but since she insists on continuing on her own creative path, please send healing thoughts and prayers her way, I am worried about her!!

2 thoughts on “raining again!

  1. that about sums it up doesn’t it? the whole letting yourself play and get re-interested in what is really THERE.
    glad you found an entryway into the art wormhole 🙂

  2. thanks Paula… but honestly it doesn’t really feel like art making, you’ll see what I mean when I post the pictures later! Thanks for stopping by!!

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