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  1. Flicking through a book I recently bought I came across a reference to Jane Austen. According to Nina Auerbach Jane Austen was able to write because she had created around her ‘a child free space’. No mention of a ‘child filled space’ and those women writers, artists etc. who create within them. It just made me think of you (I’m in the Jane Austen ‘space’) although I think the division is simplistic. And today all this intriguing book work, despite recent events! I would like a close up too if possible. Also I don’t know anything about the project. (I can’t get the link to work.) Would appreciate more info. or have I missed an entry?

  2. Lesley, this was a project organised by Art House which is a artists co-op. You paid for the sketchbook/shipping and then you had to stick to their theme which was everyone we know… the books are going on a multi-state/gallery tour for about a year, and then if they don’t sell it will come back home to me. I decided to do it because some other art-bloggers were, I thought it would be cool if our work got to meet at least. It was not a great project for me, I didn’t like the paper in the book when it arrived and I am out of the habit of making small things, but it came together just in time, phew!

  3. Thanks for the larger images. The presentation as a ‘sheet’ of pictures so you can see the continuity works before you even open up the files! Presumably you had an ‘open’ brief judging by your personal content. And it came without having to measure or cut anything! One thing that puts me off considering making artists’ books.

  4. oh the measuring isn’t so bad once you get used to it!! and whenever possible I don’t!! What were you reading the other day, I’d like to check it out?

  5. Do you mean ‘Surfacing’ by Margaret Atwood? It’s to do with mental disintegration (possibly her own) I can’t remember I haven’t actually read it (yet).

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