Many of you sent me private emails, thank you, I think I am suffering from winter blahs… and I am very stuck and very stressed. But I did go back to work in the studio, and its going….

There are some big art deadlines coming up around here, the Beyond/In Western New York Biennial deadline for submissions is in three weeks. I promised myself I would enter this time, but what lousy timing! But again I have to say thanks to my friends who are encouraging me to move forward, especially Sean who reminded me what was in the show last time (he’s not a big fan of some conceptual art!!)and to Kim who is a selfless agitator for the arts at CCAC.

Also in the mail today came the prospectus for the Erie Museum Show, which I have entered several times and not gotten in to… and was resolved not to bother until I saw that the curator/judge was a designer and might perhaps actually like my stuff, so I guess I’ll try one more time. Let’s hope it works out this time.Also there was a plug for Art-O-Matic which looks intriguing… might have to give this a try, really small art, what a crazy idea!! I am smiling as I say this because last night my husband asked, if you’re so stressed out by deadlines why don’t you just make smaller stuff! Out of the mouths of babes….

meglennOn a happier note, tomorrow is my wedding anniversary, 23 years that man has put up with my shenanigans! If you see him congratulate him on his patience (and good taste!)

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  1. congratulations regarding your 23 years of marriage. just made 25 myself and am glad that she and i both stuck it out. the rough patches were well worth it. best of luck to you both. glad you’re working again. i’d say that’s the best way to shake those winter blues/blahs.



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