I have an incredibly busy schedule right now… my youngest two are appearing in our High school production of 42nd street so I am helping out with some of the more technically difficult costumes, and I am putting together the playbill. Plus since neither of them drive I am also making extra trips in mum’s taxi!! This morning I will be working on the playbill for several hours, then my oldest daughter will be home from college for the weekend so we are going to work on costumes together tonight, which I am looking forward to! I did manage to make a little progress on the “Thing” and here’s how it looks right now


sorry about the glare in the picture, but i like the sun shining through it! Also note how cluttered up the table is again:(   That’s why I never clean, I mean what’s the point!!

In addition to all that stuff I have some tailoring to do (another income source) and shopping, the cupboards are bare! Also I need to go buy a new printer as I keep killing them by feeding “unapproved” paper types through them!! Maybe I’ll have time to check in again later in the weekend, if not I hope everyone enjoys theirs! The snow is back AGAIN here, but at least the sun is shining right now!!

4 thoughts on “progress?

  1. Deb. LOL LOL I am sorry. I just have to laugh. I totally understand all the kid’s in plays stuff. Boy, do I ever! My daughter was a drama major at the arts high school here. Since that era, I have vowed not to sit in another theater seat ever again in my life! Oh and the taxi thing…Shoot. I sat out in the parking lot for four solid years waiting for rehearsals to end! LOL
    Another source of amusement in this post is your “why bother cleaning up” comment. I was thinking the same thing this past week. I had to have a plummer come to fix my sink and like a gracious fool, I actually cleaned my house. Well, at least the part he would see!! LOL LOL While I was scrubbing the kitchen floor (which he got all wet and muddy anyway), I wondered why I bothered. It was just going to look crappy next week anyway.
    Life goes on!

  2. hmmm, this is my 6th year of high school drama, I’ll have 3 more to go after this play ends, not counting all the elementary and middle school plays I have helped with. and as for sitting in the car, i finished a novel last week waiting for a dance rehearsal to wrap up!! and I guess I will have to clean the table today, so I can get the sewing machine on it!!

  3. Deb,
    Oh yeah, I hear you. How do you think my daughter got into the Arts high school? Oh geesh, lessons, lessons, lessons, since she was born. I can still hear those damn clogging shoes on the wood floor!
    I love her dearly, but I am glad she is all grown up and has her own life now!

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