cocoonAs you all know this has been a very crazy few weeks, but I am emerging from under my self imposed stupidity and getting back to work… I had started that weird cocoon like object and didn’t know what to do with it, then I decided it would be a prime candidate to join Seth’s, (at the altered page) disintegration project, so I modified it a little and added a surprise inside that I hope will eventually be revealed by the weather… so here is the finished cocoon hanging in my garden, waiting to change in the elements… My student are also participating, you can see their work on my teaching blog.

5 thoughts on “disintergration

  1. I remember being terrified and fascinated at the same time, finding cocoons (of butterflies possibly?) in our front garden when I was a kid. I wasn’t scared of it (I was always psyched to put them in jars and let them hatch, that wasn’t gross): I think the weirdness factor was when you would put your hand down on a tree branch or a fence post, then suddenly the cocoon would appear to your eyes — a living thing that looked like a piece of bark — and oh my gosh, it had been there all along and you had never seen it!

    how big is the cocoon you made? (it is hard to tell the scale… which is kind of awesome that it could be tiny or huge!)

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  3. This is very beautiful … I am looking forward to May 1st:)

    Thank you for your kind comment regarding my own project. The disintegration project is very far reaching for many people on many levels 🙂

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