dsci0070I have been fighting my work for the past month. Last night I decided to let it be what it was trying to become, I kept thinking of the dresses as being like cocoons, so I let them become cocoons, sort of, making that crazy piece that is disintegrating let me move past my preconceptions. This new piece incorporates trees, I thought of a witches broomstick when I was putting it altogether, honestly I have no idea where we are headed, this work and I, except that suddenly I felt energized and the work looks “right”… It may all come to nothing, but I am definitely the kind of artist who has to follow all the paths, even the ones that dead end! And then tonight I read this (thanks to Karen I am reading poetry again)

from, The Price, Anne Stevenson

Also that four-walled chrysalis/and impediment, home, /that lamp and hearth, that easy fit/of bed to bone;

and I feel a resonance that says I am on the right track. Often I find I am suddenly drifting with a stream of consciousness that has just been waiting for me to fall in and everywhere I turn my thoughts are reinforced by this strange serendipity of coincidence. It is as if the universe is saying YES! I am at my heart of hearts a superstitious child, when I listen too long to my head I get lost, and I have to return to my intuition and be grounded again in myself to move forward. I can’t say if this makes good art, only that it makes me feel complete when I am making it. When I look at a piece that is going well for me I feel a certain delight that just wells or bubbles up, how about you??


5 thoughts on “cocooning…

  1. i applaud your bravery in showing work in progress, sometimes i get superstitious about showing something that i have no clue where it is going.
    i love the photos of it, i can’t help but to think i’m looking at a skeleton of sorts. its fascinating! something very natural is going on with the shape and paper choice. i can’t wait to see how you let this evolve!
    congrats on working through some speed bumps.

  2. Can understand the head/intuitive thing. I think this is totally the right way to go. I had another look at your web site and to me it seems to relate to other pieces. A structure/stricture, pared away, hints at corsets, restricting (sorry not cocoons!)

  3. Lesley, well of course I can never get far from the damn corsets and I thought the poor branches look trapped in there. I was thinking about the wisdom of “witches” and how that kind of knowing is strangled… which is a lot of ground for some paper and twigs to cover, but I just feel like something is happening here…

    Paula, as to bravery, I promised myself to try to be honest about success and failure here, so if I land on my face in the mud you’ll all get to watch!

    Thanks to both of you for leaving a comment, it helps to fell I’m not alone!

  4. i think you know and i know that failure isn’t really the end, death. i would never look at a blog post and say, yes that person has failed. they are a looser. our work cannot determine if we are failures as artists or people. we are not our art. trying something that we dont even know how it will turn out sets us up for ‘failure’ but if you think about it HOW CAN YOU FAIL WHEN YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING? there is only experience.

  5. LOL you are right of course, I am just at a low ebb right now and feeling pressured. But thanks for your words Paula maybe on this cycle I will learn enough not to return and repeat and if I do it will be thanks to great supporters like you.

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