success & failure

As I have written about the Southern Tier Biennial here I felt I should let you know I didn’t get in. I wasn’t really surprised, I knew my new work wasn’t ready for a high profile juried show, but I let myself get bullied into entering against my better judgement, and I know the people only wanted the best outcome from this opportunity for me, but rejection always makes one afraid that you are wandering so far from an audience that your work becomes meaningless indulgence. I care very deeply about all those women and their stories, I would hate for them to be unheard a second time around because of my inability to connect.

On the plus side, I do feel my work is progressing right now, although as always when something is working it stalls my forward momentum because I am afraid of ruining what is already present in the work.  And I got a cheque from a gallery today so another piece of my work has found a place in the world! So on all an average day of swings and roundabouts in the life of this artist (?).

6 thoughts on “success & failure

  1. No No No. Deb. I am still working on learning about all this rejection stuff. Shoot! My first art rejection was in the mid 70’s. You would think I would be over it by now. I am not and you know it. You read my blog. However, one thing I have learned and know for sure is it will happen. In fact, it will happen over and over again. Just like acceptance. We build our resume with shows. The untold story is all the ones we got the ax. Oh well.

    If I were you, I wouldn’t be upset about this rejection. It is a high end rejection. That show was worth entering. It is a great opportunity. I respect that. I am sure the entrants were good artists. You should be proud you tried.

    Maybe next year? In the meantime, be so glad you had the guts to put yourself out there!! It was a risk; you took it; that sounds pretty brave to me!

    KUDOS to you!!!

  2. Thanks for being a cheerleader Sheree, you R right of course, but it always makes me wonder if I have anything to say that’s valid or valuable? Self doubt is hard to silence in the monkey mind, especially when you’re exhausted form musical rehearsals!!

  3. as long as you make the art, these stories of the women….as long as it isn’t stuffed in the basement then someone will know the stories.

    do you have anything to say that is valid or valuable? you cannot determine that. we all get what we need from each other in our own ways. you never EVER know how you will affect people even if you think they are hearing or seeing what you say or do, i promise you they will mostly get something entirely different out of it.

    do what you do because YOU want to do it. if you worry you have nothing to say that is valid or valuable you do a disservice to yourself and everyone who meets you. (i’m talking to me too). I have to believe the work will find it’s way to be seen in whatever way serves it best. i’m sorry you are feeling rejected but i think you do know that this isn’t personal and its more about the judges trying to find enough of THE SAME KIND OF WORK to show together. it has nothing whatsoever to do with your work. dont forget that.

  4. Paula – You guys are such staunch friends, thank you!! I am just so tired this week, I want to go back to bed and pull the blankets over my head and lick my wounds, amking art is so scary some days!

  5. i know…and its easier for me to say that to you than for me to say it to myself. being vulnerable is good, it helps us all grow.

    and its okay to hide and blanket away….or screw up art and make greatness!

  6. Oh, yes. Rejections. I haven’t written about this on my blog, but I have been rejected left and right this year. I just got two more rejections this week. I know that one is supposed to have a thick skin in the world of art — but my goodness, it’s tough out there!

    Good luck with your work!

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