book pile update

I haven’t written about what I am reading lately, so I thought in the absence of new work pictures you could take a look in the dusty corners of my mind, so here’s what I read this week…

Dolores Hayden – The Grand Domestic Revolution… oh how I want community kitchens & laundrys, come the revolution, I don’t care if there are ribbons Molly!!

Calvin Tomkins – Lives of the Artists – made me like some artists I don’t really like just by making them human, it’s amazing how you can’t hate when humanity is restored! I’m not telling who tho!!

Kenneth Davis – America’s Hidden History – yep you guessed it, hidden as in feminine, well not all of it, but it turns out your great country has some heroines too!

M J Rose – The Memorist – this was so good I literally read the whole thing in one night! I LOVE book about reincarnation, this is part of a series so now I guess I have to back track.

Tasha Alexander – A Fatal Waltz – a tawdry mystery set in the Victorian period, not bad but she’s not Anne Perry… a good read for the bath tub

Hammacher & Abrams – Modern Sculpture – because I am lecturing on the history of sculpture (in a very brief overview) this week, so brushing up, for such a huge tome the pictures are terrible!! Like wise re-visiting the monumental art history tomes of my undergrad days…  enough said about that!

Two Patrica McKillip Books because the prose is so enchanting I can’t help myself, its like your favorite childhood bedtime stories all grown up, this week rereading The Tower at Stonybrook and The Tale of Atrix Wolfe.

Last, but not least the poetry of Anne Stevenson, but in small doses because it moves me to tears every time I open the book.

Also Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Herland, Unpunished, Her Autobiography and Women & Economics

yep!! That’s about it for this weeks list… now off to write a presentation on sculpture since the dawn of time, wish me luck!!

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