new pictures


so here’s an update, been busy nursing sick kids back to health and working way too much, but here’s where I am in the studio, chugging along nicely!


3 thoughts on “new pictures

  1. This work is looking weird in a good way! I have been working in the studio all day. It has been awful! I feel like I have just wasted paint all day long. It is just that way sometimes. I read where you wrote about just “letting it be”. I haven’t even gotten that far yet. There is nothing to be yet! LOL
    I guess it would help if I stopped painting over everything. LOL LOL LOL
    Keep up the great work!

  2. wow! thanks, I’m feeling pretty happy about this new stuff, which means curators will hate it!! ah! C’est La Vie!! I know your work will come around, hang in there!!

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